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SDBMS connects all the departments of the institution so as to provide them with better information sharing, easy retrieval of information within seconds and helps them to make quick decisions. It is user friendly software that allows smooth flow of information.

  • Features of the software :

Admission Process
Personal Details
Admin Module
Faculty Details
Transport and Accommodation
Bulk SMS and Fee Collection
Student Report Card
  • Module Benefits :

study material
study material

  • Why Choose Us :

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When you opt for Electus Educare Student Database Management System [SDBMS], it is really worth an investment to manage all your administrative tasks in a smooth and efficient manner. The best thing about Electus Educare software is, it builds a conducive relationship between teachers, students, parents and school. Therefore, it gives you the best value and superior results for the invested money! Before you purchase, please try the demo software of Electus Educare for school management.

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