• About Electus

Electus Educare Private Limited is launched in 2017 by Istalamudi Rajarami Reddy to provide services for educational sector organizations, innovative path ways for k-12 education and to learn anywhere any time concept. It is an organization aiming for the development of 21st century skills of student community and the digital learning in various fields of industry.

  • Our Mission

To infuse students with high standards of academic scholarship, realism and leadership, all of which will make them a responsible global citizen. In order to achieve the said goal we provide a safe environment to keep our students abreast with the latest trends of teaching along with traditional values which are essential to their holistic development. Our motto is, "No Child is Left Behind" (N.C.L.B).

  • Our Vision

Electus aims at making a difference in the society through the medium of education and we are planning to achieve our vision by inculcating following 5 C's of education : 1.Creativity 2.Collaboration 3.Communication 4.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 5.Computational Thinking.